How to join

To support a faster and more intentional roll-out of integrated modelling technology, with wider testing and validation approaches, we are seeking organizations to join us as members of the Integrated Modelling Partnership. Membership is organized along two tracks:
  • The institutional track is for institutions whose main interest is in research and application of integrated semantic modelling. These institutions receive support in the use and application of the Integrated Modelling paradigm, collaborate with the core team in projects of mutual interest, and help define the future products and steer technical developments toward mutually beneficial goals.
  • The educational track is for institutions whose main interest is in educating individuals to apply the principles of integrated semantic modelling. These institutions collaborate with the core team in building instructional material and teaching skills to ensure adoption and improvement of the partnership’s goals.
Membership is organized by Work Packages (WP) that apply or further develop partnership products or tailor them for specific needs (e.g., implementing a specific language extension, new data protocols or modeling paradigms, extending the worldview to cover a new domain or vocabulary, or providing specific user interface tools or translations). Financial support for a single WP can vary up to a maximum of 80,000€/year (supporting the work of one full-time equivalent core team individual). Fractions of this amount will correspond to a proportional commitment by the core team. In-kind contributions can also be considered depending on the total number of institutional partners and their financial contributions. The Integrated Modelling Partnership core team is based at BC3, employing full-time technical personnel that provide: (i) development, documentation, maintenance, and support for data, model, and software products; (ii) training, events, and conferences; and (iii) communications and outreach. All members sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with BC3 that specifies the scope and contributions of the collaboration, and is renewed yearly. The MOU is customized to specify details of WPs, including milestones, progress assessment, and deliverables. Please contact us ( for more information about joining the Integrated Modelling Partnership.