Participatory modelling

This page contains a brief outline of its final contents.

  • A semantics-first workflow allows us to reinterpret participatory concept mapping using basic observable categories and perusing domain ontologies composing the adopted worldview. When assisted by software tools that allow users to browse the worldview and automatically enforce correct linkages between the chosen concepts, this can enable the participatory building of actionable concept maps. Concept maps can be compiled into working model templates to be later completed with behaviors, code, and scenario exploration.
  • In recent pilot applications, the simple exercise of classifying model elements according to their observable types (e.g., subjects, processes, events, relationships) within concept maps can have a profoundly improve concept maps’ clarity, coherence and utility.
  • As the basic set of observables is laid out and their attributes and roles defined, the semantic constraints specified in the worldview can provide a guide for participants to match concepts correctly. This prevents the creation of causal dependencies that cannot be correctly modeled and suggests matches that work.
  • Because subjects and processes are matched to their qualities through the worldview, much of the concept map can be completed following hints from the software, which can suggest likely candidates and ensure that important causal links are not overlooked.
  • This process demonstrates the role of semantics as a design discipline and as a guide for problem statement that can greatly enhance the outputs of collaborating groups. It can also ease synthesis efforts typically required during collaborative, multi-expert work sessions.
  • One future product of the partnership will be a simple, graphical concept mapping tool that is semantically aware and can automatically compile concept maps to k.IM models adopting a specified worldview. This tool can be made available over the web for collaborating teams in any domain area covered by the worldview, and enhance the utility of the domain links already provided in it.