Annual trainings

Since 2013, we have run annual training events to teach the theory and practice of integrated semantic modeling, with a focus on ecosystem services. As the IM Partnership expands, we will continue to hold annual trainings tailored to a wide range of integrated modeling interests and skill levels.

Starting in 2018 these will entail shorter workshops for intermediate to non-technical users, combined with a longer course for advanced students to learn and begin to apply the fundamentals of semantic modeling. This will enable non-technical users to run integrated models in a web interface, and more advanced users to begin to code their own models, linked to a growing data and model base.

Custom trainings

In addition to our annual event, we periodically deliver customized trainings of varying length and technical content to interested organizations. These can be tailored to a specific case study, scientific, or policy problem.

IM Partnership training opportunities

Depending on membership level, IM Partnership organizations receive free registrations at annual integrated modeling training events. Gold-level members also may host an annual customized training event.