Safety and privacy

This page contains a brief outline of its final contents.

The Integrated Modelling Partnership strives to balance two competing demands: an open-source, open-data paradigm that recognizes that the semantic web is at its most powerful when data and models are made available for use by all, and the reality that for any number of reasons, certain data and models must remain confidential, with their redistribution restricted, while in development or in perpetuity.

To keep this balance, we maintain a secure certificate system that regulates access to content for individuals and groups. Each user (who can be designated as part of a group) must request a certificate to access k.LAB. Certificates are renewed annually and are free for all non-commercial users.

Access to confidential data, models, and projects can be easily restricted to the appropriate individuals and groups. This protects confidential information while ensuring access to needed content for the right people.