The Integrated Modelling Partnership has a Steering Committee (SC) that collaboratively re-evaluates and sets Partnership activities and development directions for the years ahead. The SC nominates and approves by majority vote a chair, vice-chair, and secretary, each of whom serve a 2-year term (as long as their institution remains in good standing in the Partnership). No monetary compensation is foreseen for the appointed SC members.

Partners are encouraged to nominate SC members that will lead and support the IM Partnership philosophy (construction of a rigorous semantic web, open-source software, open data/collaborative modeling, and the FAIR principles). The SC meets at least once per calendar year and at maximum every six months. SC members may attend in-person or virtually, and an alternate may be designated if an organization’s SC member is unable to attend. The SC timing and venue are communicated at least two months in advance.

Each institutional partner can nominate one or more SC members as covered by its MOU and according to the partner’s financial or in-kind support. The exact number of SC members assigned to each partner will thus depend on the total number of institutional partners and their contributions. As founding institution, BC3 will maintain the right to nominate three SC members.